10 Best Indoor Water Fountains (Reviews for 2024)

Create Your Own Feng Shui with these Amazing Indoor Water Fountains


Looking for the Best Indoor water fountains in 2024? – How about a small but stylish indoor fountain that adds a soft, relaxing mood inside your home? If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

Each 10 small tabletop water fountains will add peaceful, soothing sounds and relaxation to any room.

The best-sounding tabletop water fountain will help you relax by producing flowing water’s soothing sights and sounds – generally only found in a natural setting. And, if you opt for an LED-lighted fountain, you can enjoy the beauty of these fountains well into your evening hours.

The best Indoor Fountains can also play a critical role in the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, making them essential if you are attempting to balance the layout of your home for optimal harmony and improved living conditions.

For this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best desktop water fountains on the market. Each indoor fountain for home includes a list of its key features, our review of each fountain, and a short description of the product and its advantages.

Best Indoor Water Fountains for 2024

Editor’s Choice: Silver Springs Relaxation Fountain

Homedics Tabletop Water Fountain, Home Décor Soothing Sound Machine - Automatic Pump, Deep Basin & Natural River Rocks. Indoor Zen Relaxation for Office, Living Room, or Bedroom, 8.25” Tall

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • Warm, natural light
  • Good-looking addition to home or workspace
  • Natural stones
  • The on/off switch saves unplugging
  • 13-inch overall height
  • Indoor or outdoor use

The Silver Springs Relaxation Fountain is an elegant, Asian-inspired fountain with three tiers for water cascading down.

Thanks to this, it produces the sound of a bubbling stream and provides a calm, relaxing environment and the best-lighted tabletop fountain on the market.

The main critique of this indoor water fountain is that its pump runs a bit loudly after it has been on for a while.

However, we noted we can solve this problem by cleaning the rocks that come with the unit using distilled water as opposed to regular tap water to fill it.

Owing to the small size of the pump, debris from the rocks or minerals from hard tap water can otherwise cause it to clog and begin running too loudly.

This fountain can also be set up to best meet your tastes by adding the included natural stones to the basin and elevated tiers in whatever way you like.

The fountain’s convenient on/off switch is also a significant plus, as it allows you to turn it on and off without unplugging.

With this feature, you can use the fountain easily when you want to without keeping the pump running 24/7. The Silver Springs Relaxation Fountain is a great feng shui water fountain for small spaces.




Premium Pick: Bits and Pieces Indoor Water Lily Fountain

Bits and Pieces - Indoor Water Lily Water Serenity Fountain - Compact & Lightweight Tabletop Decoration

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • Small size for convenient use
  • Copper-colored metal leaf tiers
  • 10-inch overall height
  • Indoor use only
  • Stones not included

The Bits and Pieces Indoor Water Lily Fountain is an excellent Feng Shui indoor water fountain owing to its small size and quality materials. The metal lily leaves down and the water cascades make this fountain a beautiful indoor decor.

Thanks to its relatively small size, the Water Lily fountain can be set on a desk or small end table and used in any space.

Despite its quiet operation, the pump on this fountain is big enough to be reliable, giving it an excellent water flow rate.

Upon receiving this water fountain, some buyers find its colors less vibrant than in online pictures.

Fortunately, the materials of the Bits and Pieces Indoor Water Lily Fountain are conducive to painting in whatever colors you want.

The lack of stones included in this fountain is also a bit of a disadvantage, but one that can be remedied by collecting a few pebbles from a local creek or river.

Users of this indoor water fountain find it especially useful for relaxation because of the sound produced by the water flowing down into the metal lily leaves.

Although it doesn’t come with stones, adding river rocks is an excellent opportunity to customize the fountain.

Overall, this fountain will surely add beauty and tranquility to any space it’s placed.




Best Value: Alpine WCT202 Tiered Column Fountain

Alpine Corporation WCT202 Indoor Tabletop Tiered Water Fountain Featuring 3 Candles for Desktop and Table, 11', Brown

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • Durable cast resin construction
  • Three spaces for candles
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • 11-inch overall height
  • Stones included

With its three tiers and space for three candles, the Alpine WCT202 is a beautiful fountain that will work well in any indoor location.

Though small enough to use in cramped indoor spaces, the visual appeal of this fountain will make it a focal point of your decor.

The natural flickering fire from the candles and its refraction in the flowing water give this fountain our vote for the Best Feng Shui tabletop fountain. It also provides an eye-catching visual impact when used in low-light conditions.

We found the Alpine WCT202 to be an excellent and durable water fountain.

One complaint we had was that the rocks that came with the fountain weren’t sufficient to cover the basin fully. 

The cast resin construction of this fountain is also a significant advantage over some more cheaply made competitors.

Although a bit heavier than other tabletop water fountains, the WCT202 has a solid construction quality that will make it a long-term fixture in your home or garden.

As such, it is still a strong contender for the best tabletop fountain on the market.

As our best value option, this fountain is also one of the less expensive models you’ll likely find, even though its quality is competitive with some of the far more expensive models on the market.




Best Stacked Rock Fountain: Sunnydaze Stacked Rocks

Sunnydaze Stacked Rocks 10.5 Inch Indoor Tabletop Water Fountain with LED Lights - Quiet Sounds

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • Polyresin construction
  • 6-Tier Stone Rock Design
  • Handsome LED illumination
  • Hidden pump door
  • 15-inch overall height
  • Indoor use only

With its realistic stone-like appearance and quiet pump, the Sunnydaze Stacked Rocks fountain is an incredibly relaxing indoor water fountain that will help you relax after a hard day.

Its LED illumination aids the soothing effect of this fountain.

A small LED lights up at the bottom in each of the tiered basins of the fountain.

As the water moves, the light refracts through it, creating a dancing lights effect that draws in the eye and makes this fountain a stunning indoor decor piece.

The Sunnydaze Stacked Rocks fountain is one of the best indoor fountains, receiving almost exclusively positive reviews.

One issue we noticed is that the fountain setup instructions are somewhat confusing. Follow the instructions carefully, as an incorrect setup could cause minor leaks.

Although quite durable, thanks to its polyresin construction, this fountain is small and light enough to be placed practically anywhere.

Users find the pump on this fountain very quiet, making it an excellent option for a bedroom or quiet reading nook in your home.

An additional quite nice feature is the inclusion of pads on the bottom of the fountain.

Thanks to these soft, cushioned pads, you can place this fountain on a wooden table or other surfaces without worrying about scratching.




Best Party Fountain: Nostalgia LPF150

Nostalgia Vintage Collection Lighted Party Fountain

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • 1-gallon beverage capacity
  • LED illumination
  • It comes with five 6-ounce beverage cups
  • 3-tier fountain
  • Extension spouts for beverage serving

Although many people are looking for Feng Shui water fountains for their homes and offices, they can function in other ways.

The Nostalgia LPF150 Vintage Collection beverage fountain is a case in point, perfect for serving drinks at parties.

Thanks to its 1-gallon capacity and included cups, the LPF150 makes a great serving bowl.

Meanwhile, the 3-tier cascade fountain and LED-lighted base make it extremely attractive.

Whether used for a birthday party, a wedding reception, or just an outdoor summer gathering with your friends, this drinking fountain will surely be a centerpiece at your next indoor party.

One of the most convenient features of the Nostalgia LPF150 fountain is that it includes extension spouts that channel the beverage from the fountain into narrow streams.

Thanks to this feature, you won’t need a ladle to serve your drinks. Instead, your guests can put their cups under the streams of these spouts and allow them to fill up.

Users also appreciate that this drinking fountain runs quietly, preventing it from being a nuisance to guests.

If you’re looking for a great beverage fountain at a reasonable price, the Nostalgia LPF150 is an excellent option to consider.




Best Seashell Fountain:  Sunnydaze Teal Ceramic Indoor/Outdoor Fountain

Sunnydaze Stacked Seashells 7-Inch Indoor Ceramic Tabletop Fountain - Electric Submersible Pump with Adjustable Flow Green

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • Graceful ceramic construction
  • Teal finish
  • 7-inch overall height
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Perfect for small desks and tables

This model is one of the best tabletop fountains on the market because of its small size and incredibly attractive ceramic construction.

Whether you’re setting it beside your bed, on your office desk, or on an end table in your living room, the Seashells Teal Ceramic water fountain is sure to be an excellent addition to the space in which you use it.

The seashell configuration of its tiers and basin makes it especially pleasant for any room, incorporating nautical themes into its decor.

Likewise, because it can be used in a bathroom, this fountain makes an organic and natural-looking addition to any outdoor patio or deck space.

The Seashell ceramic tabletop water fountain has received excellent reviews with minimal criticism.

Fortunately, setting this fountain up is a relatively easy process that you should be able to figure out without needing written directions.

We also noted that placing the pump to the left side of the fountain basin helped keep it quieter, while other positions produced more noise.

Though it’s a minor part of the setup, it will likely be worth your time to play around with different locations for the pump to get its volume level down to a minimum.




Bits & Pieces Glass Tabletop Fountain:  Glass Butterfly Fountain (Iridescent)

Bits and Pieces - Iridescent Glass Butterfly Fountain Sculpture – Indoor Home Décor - Zen Water Fountain - Desk or Tabletop Accessories - 12' Tall Multicolor

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • Metal Water Lillies with Glass Butterfly
  • Impressive 12-inch overall height with a 12-inch diameter
  • Water cascades over Water Lillies
  • concealed water pump
  • Best-selling design on Amazon

While most of the fountains on this list are built with resin or metal only, this fountain incorporates a sculptural glass butterfly and bowl.  This effect is quite brilliant, especially in low-light conditions.

Paired with the blue bowl of this particular version, the mist and lights produce some truly incredible visual effects.

Our overall reviews of this product are quite positive. One downside, however, is that the bits-and-pieces glass fountain is a little wobbly. You may need a bit of leveling to get it to sit perfectly level.

Before buying, it’s a good idea to measure your space dimensions better to visualize the size of the indoor water fountain first.

You can also add essential oils to the water basin to diffuse them as mist throughout their homes. Thanks to this capability, the Glass Butterfly Indoor Fountain makes both an excellent Feng Shui fountain and a good product for promoting overall health and well-being.

With its glass bowl and iron stand, this unit can stand the test of time as part of your home decor.




Best Ceramic Waterfall: Toadstool 9 1/4″ High Fountain

Toadstool Rustic Zen Indoor Cascading Small Tabletop Water Fountain 3-Tier Ceramic 9 1/4' for Table Desk-Top Home Office Bedroom House Relaxation Living Room - John Timberland

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • Multicolor Ceramic
  • Three-Tier Tabletop fountain
  • Stones included
  • 9 1/4″ H x 8″ Wide
  • On/off switch with power cord

This small water fountain is a visual treat with its three-tier Toadstool Fountains. This waterfall fountain is cute, relaxing, and designed in natural multi-color ceramic. The falling water produces tranquil and relaxing sounds, while the color palette fits just about any decor. 

There are no light bulbs to worry about with this one; add water, plug it in, and relax to soothing sounds.

Thanks to its small size, this indoor water fountain is suitable for use on your office desk but could also make a pleasant addition to your bedroom, living room, or study space.

The Toadstool ceramic tabletop waterfall fountain received a thumbs up on our review,  and at 7lbs., we were surprised by the heft of this little fountain being so solid.  A couple of considerations before you buy is that this fountain is a bit on the small side, and we wish it had an on/off switch.



Best Four-Tier “Natural Slate Stone” Fountain by John Timberland

Four Tiers Modern Zen Slate Stone Feng Shui Ball Indoor Small Tabletop Water Fountain with Light 9' High for Table Desk-Top Home Office Bedroom House Living Room Relaxation - John Timberland

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • Natural Slate Construction With Decorative Rocks
  • LED illumination
  • 12″ x 12″ x 9″ High
  • Indoor or outdoor use (not waterproof)
  • 18 Lb. Weight due to natural stone construction

If you’re looking for an excellent Feng Shui water fountain, this 4-Tier Natural Stone fountain is one of the best. The real stone basin gives a lovely natural appearance, while the glass globe on top of the fountain will help you relax.

Although it is perfectly good for indoor use, this fountain’s size and natural appearance make it an obvious choice for outdoor patio use. Placed on a table in a rock garden or a space surrounded by plants, this fountain will surely be an outstanding element of your outdoor decor.

Criticisms of the John Timberland 4-Tier fountain are very few and far between. The only complaint that a few reviewers have had is that the fountain does not have an on/off switch. You have to unplug it to turn it off. 

However, if you prefer that convenience, Amazon sells an on/off switch you can add to your fountain order: “LED Updates Inline on-off Switch.”

One of this fountain’s many advantages is its Natural Slate construction, whereas most indoor fountains we feature are poly-resin construction.

Make sure you have a solid table to position this attractive (18 lb.) indoor fountain on and enjoy one of the most popular indoor fountains sold on Amazon for many days.




Best “3-Tiered Rock Fountain”: Alpine – WIN472 – Tabletop Fountain

Tiered Rock Tabletop Fountain with LED Lights

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • 7″L x 6″ W x 11″H, made of fiberglass with the natural look of gray stone and aged bark.
  • Natural-looking rock-stone fountains with trickling water sounds imitate waterfalls.
  • Made of durable materials that will perfect your home, yard, and garden décor. Made of durable materials that will perfect your home, yard, and garden décor.

Any Criticism of the Alpine 3-tiered fountain is that it is a little smaller than expected – Note the size above, and if you’re looking for something bigger, check out our other picks.
Also, a couple of complaints were that you could not turn the LED light off; however, another review said you could.

If you’re looking for a tabletop fountain in the $40 and under range, it’s a good bet to grab this one.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Indoor Water Fountains Leak?

While the indoor fountains we feature have a “self-contained” water reservoir, there is a slight chance an indoor fountain could leak.  Leaks may occur due to cracks from shipping, moving, or a fall from a ledge or tabletop.

We recommend testing indoor fountains on a water-resistant countertop before moving them to any wood surface.

How Long Do Indoor Fountains Last?

With intermittent (infrequent) use, an indoor fountain can last for years. However, it is advised to use indoor water fountains only when in the room to enjoy them or to create an ambiance for guests.

It would be best to keep an indoor fountain turned off anytime you are not home to prevent running a water pump with a dry reservoir that can burn up a motor. 

Do Indoor Water Fountains use much Electricity?

Indoor water fountains contain very small water pumps, which can be operated for pennies a day.

How often do you Need to Fill a Water Fountain?

Water refills for water fountains vary based on size and climate.  A small indoor fountain has a small water reservoir and will require more frequent refills, as evaporation requires.

A large fountain holds significantly more water and requires less attention unless placed outside.

Additionally, Dry climates vs. Humid climates will require more attention to refills due to quicker evaporation.


One of the main reasons for owning an electric indoor water fountain is its ability to help keep you calm and relaxed. For this reason, many people purchase a tabletop water fountain for their office and home.

By keeping yourself relaxed, you remain more productive and help prevent yourself from becoming overly stressed.

The very sight and sound of flowing water can help relieve stress and keep you grounded, making an indoor fountain useful in your bedroom for lulling you to sleep at night.

Top 10 Best Indoor Water Fountain Reviews 2019

As mentioned above, indoor water fountains are widely used in Chinese Feng Shui. In this ancient practice, fountains are regarded as sources of prosperity and energy for personal goals. Feng Shui practitioners believe that placing fountains in different places within your home can improve circumstances in various areas of life.

For instance, a fountain in the northernmost part of your home is believed to bring about career success.

From creating better Feng Shui to helping you relax, water fountains are an ideal option for your home decor. If you’re looking for a great indoor water fountain, consider looking into one or more of the above models.

Remember that a fountain’s style, colors, and other features are very much a matter of personal taste, so be sure to buy the fountain that will be right for you. Also, consider the space you will use, as you want your fountain to mesh with your existing decor.

We hope you enjoyed the article and wish you much success as you select the Best Indoor Fountain for your space!

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