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Greetings, I’m Kevin, the Editor-in-Chief behind Best Home Gear. With over 30 years of hands-on experience and expertise in home improvement, I have, since November 2018, crafted and published the content you’ll find on Best Home Gear.

I currently split my time between Michigan and Arizona in the USA,  working from both locations, while researching the best equipment and methods to assist the DIY homeowner.

A little about me – and “why” I might be considered an expert on the DIY content and Product Reviews featured at Best Home Gear.

  • Business Owner (Michigan, Florida): Architectural/Commercial building materials distributor for 20+ years (I understand the residential and commercial building materials market very well)
  • Licensed Residential Builder/Remodeling Contractor (Michigan) 25+ years (multiple years experience building and remodeling homes).
  • Rental Property Owner/Manager(Michigan, Florida, Arizona) – 22+ years (have multiple years of experience performing remodels, maintenance, and landscape management on multiple rental properties).
  • Licensed Realtor (Florida) – As a former real estate agent (8+ years), I understand the “value” home buyers place on “home improvement” and how to make those improvements happen as a builder or a do-it-yourself homeowner.

As you see, I’ve been “Around the Block” – working on residential and commercial properties.

None of that is to boast – But through those experiences, I have been fortunate to use (and continue to use) almost every type of Power Tool or piece of Lawn Equipment available to homeowners or professionals.

And, like you, I have also experienced and learned from the frustration of using equipment that was not dependable and likely a wrong purchase.

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I created BestHomeGear.Com to combine my practical experience and proven methods with proven products – and offer Readers the Best Product and DIY Home improvement advice. 

If you ever need to contact me, please feel free to reach out to me by email at info@besthomegear.com, and I will make every attempt to reply within 24 hours of your request.

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Types of Yard Tools, and Outdoor Equipment Best Home Gear Recommends:

Here at Best Home Gear, we’ve long been proponents of Battery Powered (Cordless)  Yard Tools vs. Gas Powered Yard Tools for several reasons.

Battery-powered yard tools provide dependability and efficiency that gas-powered tools cannot match for the average homeowner.

Battery-powered tools require virtually none of the maintenance required by Gas-Powered tools, such as gasoline, sparkplugs, oil, tune-ups, pull cords, etc.

Another option, of course, is to invest in Electric Power Tools – used with an extension cord; the limitations are pretty obvious, including dragging an extension cord, the distance limited by electrical outlet locations, and the risk of cutting the extension cord with a trimmer or mower.

As a result of our leanings, you may notice that Best Home Gear’s focus includes many reviews for Cordless (battery-powered) Yard Tools.

With No gas, No oil to mix, no spark plugs to foul, and no extension Cords, connect a freshly charged battery to your equipment and Go. That’s Quick and easy work.

“Removing the Mystery” of What and Where to Buy Equipment:

At Best Home Gear, we’ll help you accomplish your goal of finding the equipment you need, by providing up-to-date professional reviews – saving you the time and frustration of finding the right tools or equipment in big box stores.

Let’s face it: you work hard for your money, and your time for work around the house is probably limited. 

While many of us may not mind outdoor work (crazy, some people enjoy doing work around the Home:), You also want to save time for – Biking, hiking, fishing, and golfing (or Insert your idea of fun here).

EGO Blower - Best Home Gear
Using EGO Cordless Blower in Our Yard – BestHomeGear.Com

So whether you’re a Weekend-warrior or a full-time professional builder or landscaper, we trust our site helps you discover the perfect Gear for your project!

Please contact us with any comments or suggestions for other products you may be interested in knowing more about. We’ll do our best to review those products as well!

We treat your privacy with the utmost importance.  Here, you can review our Privacy Policy.

Thanks for Visiting, and Please Check Out All Our How-to Guides and Equipment Guides For Homeowners @ BestHomeGear.Com

Contact Kevin:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions, or comments I can assist with. Our email address is: info@besthomegear.com

We treat your privacy with the utmost importance.  Here, you can review our Privacy Policy.

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