How To Stripe Your Lawn (Like the Pros)

How To Stripe Your Lawn Just Like PROS! + Step-By-Step Lawn Striping Technique

One of the best ways to add “Curb Appeal” to any home is knowing How To Stripe Your Lawn as professionals do.  The quick answer on How to get stripes in your lawn includes; involves using proper mowing techniques and a good lawnmower with a sharp mowing blade.

There are, however, Additional Tips and Tricks on How to add Lawn Stripes – that, when implemented, create even more dramatic lawn stripes. The same lawn striping you might see at a professional Ball Field.

How to Stripe Your Lawn (Like The Pros)

Lawn Stripes are easy to create and always reflect a well-groomed lawn.  Follow these 5 Steps to create awesome-looking Lawn stripes the next time you Mow:

Step 1:  Adjust Mowing Height

Striping your lawn is created by first “adjusting the blade Height” of your lawnmower to one of the higher settings.  The reason is that you need longer blades of grass to create more dramatic-looking Stripes on your Lawn.

We achieve the best lawn stripes by cutting just the top 1/3 of the grass blade height, which is much better for maintaining a healthy lawn.

Incidentally, we recommend always keeping your mower blade sharp so that you Cut and not Tear the grass.  If you tear the tops of grass blades, your lawn will appear brown or dull.  Depending on your mowing habits, you should sharpen your mower blade at least once or twice annually.

Step 2: Mow Outside Edges First

For the best results and to make adding lawn stripes easier, mow the outside edges of your lawn at a right angle first. We recommend mowing TWO side-by-side rows of your yard’s entire perimeter (outside).

Doing this step will complete the outside edges; then, you can focus on making the vertical stripes (opposite direction of the road) without any mistakes.

Step 3:  Mow stripes on the Lawn (Opposite of Road)

The next step is to start mowing in a straight line, starting at and mowing in the opposite direction of the road – towards your house.

Step 4:  Turn Mower 180 degrees – Continue Mowing

Once you reach the end of your first Row, turn the mower 180 degrees and continue down your next row, overlapping the wheel marks of your first row to ensure you’re cutting the entire row as you mow.

Step 5:  Complete Mowing Yard Stripes

Continue mowing each row until the entire Front or Backyard in this pattern until you have mowed your lawn

Now head out to the front of your yard and Admire Your Lawn Stripes, just like your neighbors do!

How To “Double Stripe” Your Lawn

If you want to double the impact of your Lawn Stripes, you can create a Double Stripe or Lawn Stripes that are Double Wide.

Mowing Two Rows Side-By-Side in the Same Direction is how to achieve this look.  The Double Stripe Technique will enhance your lawn by making lawn stripes twice as wide as the single row, alternating lawn stripe method.

Tip #1 – Start at the Road

Always start your first row from the front of your lawn (closest to the road), and Mow in the opposite direction, “Away” from the road – and towards your House. This technique will push grass blades down in opposite directions as you mow, creating bold lawn stripes.

Tip #2 –  Use Lawn Striping Kit (Like Professionals Do)

If you want to knock off your neighbors’ socks, you can use the professional approach to Strip your lawn. That is, to mow lawn stripes with a professional lawn striping system available here.

These little attachments are extremely easy to assemble and attach to most walk-behind mowers 20-22”. After assembly, add 16-20 lb. of dry sand, and the weighted rolling system dramatically adds ball-park stripes to any lawn.

Video:  How To Double Stripe Your Lawn


Best Lawn Striping Kit:  TORO lawn striping system

Toro Lawn Striping System

Many ask, “Can you stripe your lawn with a push mower?” The answer is yes; you can use any lawnmower if you follow the proper striping method. 

But if you’re looking for prominent lawn stripes in your yard, the best method is to use a Lawn Striping Kit.

There are other lawn striping kits for sale, but from our experience, TORO’s Lawn Striping Kit is the best.  TORO has created an easy-to-use and durable accessory for creating lawn stripes that are tough to beat.

Available at Amazon, the TORO Lawn Striping Kit can also be Used With or Without the rear collection bag attached, and this lawn striping system can be removed and stored just as easily when you’re not using it.

Video:  How to Use the “Toro Lawn Striping Kit”:


Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ)

Q:  Can you Make Stripes on your Lawn with any Mower?

A:  You can make lawn stripes with any mower, but the easiest way to make professional-looking stripes is with a Motorized Mower vs. Push Mower.

Q:  How Do You Make Lawn Stripes in Your Yard?

A:  Lawn stripes can be made in any yard by following these 3 steps:  1) Set Mower Height on one of the Highest Settings. 2) Mow two rows of the outside perimeter first. 3) Starting in the front of your yard (by the sidewalk), Mow alternating rows towards the front of the house (and back towards the road)

Q:  What’s The Best Tool To Make Lawn Stripes?

A:  The best tool for making professional-looking lawn stripes is the TORO Lawn Striping Kit. (See the Offer and Link for purchase above).


As mentioned at the start of this article, the question of how to make lawn stripes Isn’t complicated.  However, for this article, we wanted to provide simple steps for lawn stripe techniques and help newbies with the best way to create stripes in lawns.

In addition, please take note of the Lawn Striping Tips above, which are essential to making perfect lawn stripes.   From experience, the TORO lawn stripe kit is the game-changer in adding professional-looking lawn stripes to your yard. It works!

Infographic:  How To Stripe Your Lawn Like the Pros!


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