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Best Home Gear - Frequently Asked Questions Page In this section, You’ll find the most Frequently Asked Questions for published content and policies at Best Home Gear.   Be sure to reach out to us with comments, or any additional questions, not found below!


What Type of Content Does BestHomeGear Focus On?

Best Home Gear (BHG) content includes DIY Guides to help homeowners build, repair, or improve areas of their home, lawn, or garden. 

In addition, Best Home Gear provides Product Review articles focused on Top-Rated products in several categories, such as Power Tools, Yard Tools, Outdoor Equipment, and Household Equipment.

Who Creates the Content and Reviews for BestHomeGear?

All of the work provided at BestHomeGear is researched, written, and published by Kevin Carroll, a 30+ year professional in Commercial/Residential Construction Trades, Real Estate, and Property Management.

In addition to personal experience, topics requiring additional research are carefully corroborated with and cited by authors, publications, and other well-respected professionals in their respective fields.

You can also see our Q&A for homeowners featured on Quora

When was the BestHomeGear Created? was created and launched by Kevin Carroll in November of 2018, initially as a hobby to share information and experience with other homeowners. 

The website quickly grew to include all the information, DIY guides, and product reviews now featured.

Do you accept guest posts or write sponsored content?

We may consider guest posts and sponsored content that align with our values and maintain editorial integrity. Contact us for details.

How do you decide which topics to cover in your articles?

We choose topics based on a combination of factors like:

  • Trending search terms: We use SEO tools to identify what readers are actively searching for.
  • Seasonality: We adapt content to current seasons and upcoming events.
  • Reader feedback: We value community input through comments and surveys.
  • Expert insights: We collaborate with professionals for reliable information.

Do You Sell My Information to Other Companies?

No. We do not sell your personal information.  To learn more, please review our Privacy Policy.

Can I suggest a Topic or Product For BestHomeGear to Cover?

Yes, absolutely.  If you want a Subject, Topic, or Specific Product covered, email us at 

While we review every inquiry, we may or may not be able to respond to your submission.

Are the manufacturers sponsoring BestHomeGear found in their product reviews?

BestHomeGear does not receive Commission from the manufacturers featured in our Reviews. Occasionally, we receive product samples from manufacturers interested in BestHomeGear featuring their items.

When BHG features products received as samples, they are tested and given the same scrutiny as all of the products featured in our Product Reviews and are rated accordingly. BestHomeGear only features products or services we trust and can recommend 100%.  

BestHomeGear is an affiliate of several Distributors, such as Home Depot, Amazon, Ace Hardware, and Tractor Supply, and we may earn a small commission when our readers buy a product through their website from one of our links.

Here, you can read our Full disclosure for more information.

How Can I Contact the Publisher?

You may direct all inquiries to or use our Contact form, and we will respond promptly. For additional information, be sure to check out our About page

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