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The Five Best Pressure Washers Under $300 - And Where to Buy Them


You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the Best Pressure Washer for under $300. There are many choices; when you’re looking for the Best Electric Pressure Washer or the Best Gas Pressure Washer, we’ve got the best models in each category.

With many years of experience in landscaping and home building – I’ve spent considerable time using pressure washers to clean sidewalks, driveways, house siding, decks, and patios.

I have used that experience to recommend the best power washer for homeowners – under $300.

The Best Pressure Washer Under $300 

Editors Choice:    – Westinghouse WPX3200 – 3200 PSI

Westinghouse WPX3200 Gas Pressure Washer, 3200 PSI and 2.5 Max GPM, Onboard Soap Tank, Spray Gun and Wand, 5 Nozzle Set, for Cars/Fences/Driveways/Homes/Patios/Furniture


  • 3200 PSI with 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate
  • Heavy Duty 212 cc OHV Gas-Powered Engine
  • 12″ High Profile – Never Flat Wheels
  • It comes with five extra quick connect nozzles that include 0, 15°, 25, 40°, and Soap nozzles for different water pressure needs
  • 25′ Abrasion-resistant hose with 5 Separate Nozzles
  • Maintenance-free Axial Pump
  • 1/2 Gallon Soap dispenser
  • A three-year manufacturer warranty comes with this purchase.
  • The wand is a little tricky to assemble – but manageable.
  • The Plastic Spray hose can contact the engine, melting the housing.

This wonderfully designed machine from a great brand can take your cleaning power to the next level. The Westinghouse WPX3200 packs 3200 PSI of water pressure in a device that doesn’t take up much space.

This Westinghouse pressure washer model has oversized wheels that will not run flat, making it easy to pull around the yard.

Equipped with a 3.5-gallon fuel tank and 1.6-liter soap dispenser container, This pressure washer is recognized as an all-around dependable outdoor equipment piece. It has enough power to complete most cleaning tasks and does so reasonably quickly.

It’s also nice that it has all the features you could need in a pressure washer for your home.

January 2023 – UPDATE:  Inherent in the Westinghouse Pressure Washer, the “Spray Hose (not garden hose) Connection” can be damaged if you don’t implement a simple and quick fix. 

Assuming you install the pressure washer hose as we did per Westinghouse instructions. In our case, the pressure hose will eventually contact the very hot engine block (see OHV logo on photo), damaging and melting the plastic hose covering (see 1st photo). 

We contacted Westinghouse to alert them (as a publisher), and they kindly replaced the hose. However, they didn’t acknowledge the design flaw. So we found a way to fix it ourselves, quickly.

We think the best and easiest workaround is to connect the spray hose upwards on the handle with zip ties to keep it from contacting the engine exhaust cover. (see 2nd photo). 

This Fix is quick, costs virtually nothing, and appears to eliminate the problem. By the way, no matter what pressure washer you use, you can adapt this fix as a safety measure for any pressure washer hose.

westinghouse pressure washer hose connection
If you connect the Westinghouse Pressure Washer Hose connection as designed, The engine exhaust cover (OHV) will melt the Plastic Spray Hose Covering as it contacts the engine (as pictured).
Westinghouse Pressure Washer Hose fix Zip Ties -
Prevent Pressure Hose Damage With Zip Ties –



Runner Up:  Tande – 3200 PSI – 2.6Gpm – Gas Pressure Washer

TEANDE 3200PSI Gas Pressure Washer, 2.6GPM Commercial Power Washer Gas Powered, 212cc 7.0 HP Engine, Includes 0.7L Soap Tank,5 QC Nozzles, 20’ Hose Gray

  • Powerful 212 cc – 4-stroke OHV – 7 HP engine pumps 2.65 gallons per minute
  • Includes five quick-connect nozzles: 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and soap
  • The axial cam pump provides a reliable spray while maximizing the lifespan of the unit
  • 10-inch Pneumatic Tires move effortlessly throughout a variety of tough terrains
  • Includes a 25-foot reinforced hose onboard.
  • On-board – soap tank, a quick-connect spray gun, and a two-year warranty
  • No Automatic choke
  • The hose could be a little longer, which is valid for most budget pressure washers.

Our research concluded that this small but super effective pressure washer, with high-grade features, is suitable for both light commercial and heavy-duty home use.

The price of this “overachiever” fluctuates; the price at Amazon (checkout) is currently $279.00. That price makes this pressure washer an exceptional gas-powered pressure washer. 

If you want a gas-powered pressure washer on a budget, this is one to look at.

TEANDE provides a dependable and highly mobile pressure washer with 10″ wheels, five quick-connect spray nozzle options, and a whopping 2.65 gallons of water pumping at 3200 PSI.

This is everything most homeowners could seek in a gas-powered washer.



Best Value – “Electric Pressure Washer”:  Sun Joe SPX3500

Sun Joe SPX3500 Brushless Induction Electric Pressure Washer, w/Brass Hose Connector

  • No Gas or Pull cords. Just plug in, hook the garden hose up, and press the power button.
  • 2300 PSI is perfect for everything from cleaning Vinyl Siding to cleaning Cars, Concrete, and any other Home & Yard objects requiring sufficient power cleaning.
  • Amazon Bestseller – Incredible price for brushless motor equipment
  • 1.48 GPM
  • Powerful 13 AMp
  • 5 – different Spray Tips
  • 40 oz. detergent tank
  • Auto shut-off when the trigger is released
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or get your money back
  • Keep constant water pressure to be effective – don’t allow the hose supply to kink.
  • The power cord could be a little longer – Get a safe extension cord for long distances.

The Pressure Joe SPX3500 pressure washer delivers it all for homeowners to tackle cleaning tasks: Homes, buildings, RVs, cars, trucks, boats, decks, driveways, patios, lawn equipment, and more.

Power, Performance, and Versatility: This is why the Sun Joe pressure washer is at or near the top of all Pressure washers sold at Amazon.

This pressure washer packs a powerful punch with its 2000-watt/13 amp motor. The Pressure Joe SPX3500, an electric pressure washer, generates up to 2300 PSI of water pressure and 1.48 GPM of water flow for maximum cleaning power.


Power. Performance. Versatility. The Pressure Joe SPX3500, an electric pressure washer, delivers it all to tackle various cleaning tasks for work on homes, buildings, RVs, cars, trucks, boats, decks, driveways, patios, lawn equipment, and more.

Removes tar and grease from concrete, heavy mildew stains, oil stains, rust from steel, caked mud on equipment, and other stubborn gunk and grime.  It is the best pressure washer for the money.

Check out this video to see the Sun Joe SPX3500 Pressure Washer in Action:

Sun Joe Pressure Washer

Best “Portable” Electric:   Stanley SLP2050 – 2,050 PSi – Electric 2-In-1

Stanley Electric Pressure Washer, SLP2050, 2-in-1 Mobile Cart or Detach Portable Use with Detergent Tank, 2050 Max PSI, 1.4 GPM, Great for Washing Cars

  • 2050 MAX PSI at 1.45 GPM
  • Can be used with a Cart or Without (Fully Portable)
  • Large wheels -For good mobility
  • Instant start/stop “Total Stop” system. Only runs the motor while the spray gun trigger is pulled – for much quieter cleaning.
  • Upgrade your cleaning potential in seconds by adding soap to the detergent foamer.
  • Easily switch to a variety of cleaning tasks with five quick-connect “onboard” spray nozzles (Soap, 0° for highest direct pressure,15°, 25°, and 40° for gentle cleaning.
  • Includes a 25-foot high-pressure hose & GFCI-protected 35-foot electrical cord that allows you to reach further with your cleaning potential. 
  • The total reach combined with the hose and electrical cord is 55 ft. from any electrical outlet.
  • Limited power vs. Larger gas-powered engine models. It features a small PSI vs. larger pressure washers.
The Stanley SLP2050 Pressure Washer checks all the boxes you need in a pressure washer, and the 2050 PSI (pounds per square inch) is the “sweet spot” for almost all pressure washing tasks around your home.
In addition, this is one of the few pressure washers that offers a portable use option (perfect for RVs) with two quick-release latches.  Use it with the heavy-duty cart, or store and carry this unit wherever you like without the cart.
The Stanley model also includes an onboard soap dispenser, which some users call “essential.” 
Overall, we think the Stanley pressure washer is an excellent product by an outstanding company.


Best Upgrade:  “Gas” Pressure washer – Simpson Clean Machine

SIMPSON Cleaning CM61083 Clean Machine 3400 PSI Gas Pressure Washer, 2.5 GPM, CRX Engine, Includes Spray Gun and Wand, 4 QC Nozzle Tips, 5/16-in. x 25-ft. MorFlex Hose, 49-State

  • 149cc SIMPSON OHV engine with large recoil for easy starting
  • 3400 PSI with 2.5 GPM water pressure
  • Maintenance-free OEM Technologies axial cam pump
  • 5/16″ x 25’ High-pressure MOR-FLEX hose is highly flexible, non-marring, and kink-resistant
  • Ergonomic spray gun designed for comfort and control
  • Four spray nozzles: 0-degree, 15-degree, 40-degree, and soap nozzles.
  • Fully assembled steel frame construction with fold-down handle for quick and convenient storage in compact areas
  • The engine sputtered after the first run – followed instructions again, and usually starts now
  • No onboard soap dispenser
  • Larger wheels would improve design and functionality


While the Simpson “Clean Machine” is slightly over $300, you should consider this upgrade for more power, consistency, and durability.

You’ll complete your cleaning job in a snap with 3400 PSI and a 2.5 GPM flow rate.

If you are okay with making a bigger-ticket investment for years of service, you’ll love this pressure washer.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Best PSI to Use For a Home Pressure Washer?

The Best Pressure Washer PSI for Homeowners is between 2,000 and 3,200 PSI.  With these higher PSI (pounds per square inch) ratings, you can tackle any job around your home, including siding, driveways, sidewalks, decks, garage floors, Boats, and even muddy Off-Road Vehicles.

If you use a pressure washer to clean a boat or vehicle, be careful to keep an adequate distance from the paint, and use the “Broadest Tip” from your pressure washer accessories.

Do Homeowners Need a Pressure Washer?

If you own a home, you should own a pressure washer. Not only is it a great way to keep your house clean, but it also keeps everything around your house clean, such as patio furniture, decks, sidewalks, and even your car or boat!

And let me assure you, the benefits you get from owning these machines far outweigh the cost of the device. But if you are still wondering why you need one, let me share a few questions and answers that may assist you.

What is the Auto Shut-Off Trigger on a Pressure Washer?

An Auto Shut-off trigger means that when you release the trigger on the spray wand handle, the pressure washer immediately shuts off the pressure washer flow and keeps the washer shut off until you pull the spray trigger again.

How Does a Soap Dispenser Work on a Pressure Washer?

Many pressure washers we reviewed have an onboard soap dispenser, which is super convenient for washing houses or cars. 

However, for pressure washers that don’t have on-board soap, you can buy an inexpensive soap dispenser attachment with 5 additional nozzles, like this one:

What Kind of Power Do I Need in a Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer is a handy cleaning machine that all homeowners have come to know and love, but buying one with enough pressure (PSI) is essential to get all your jobs done. 

We recommend purchasing a Pressure washer with no less than 2,300 PSI – to effectively do most of the cleaning jobs around your house.

Pressure washers are the reason we can clean our driveways on the weekend and still make it to the recliner in time for the noon kick-off on Saturday afternoon.

They are the reason our grills can be infuriatingly clean, even though we host barbecues every weekend.

These tools are the LeBron James of tools for household care. It’s probably not the best tool (that belongs to Michael Jordan, the lawnmower), but it comes close to it. 

Do Homeowners Associations Require You To Use a Pressure Washer?

A:  Homeowner associations are everywhere these days, and no matter how good or bad your HOA is,  they all have one thing in common.

They are concerned about the appearance of your home. Many associations may require you to pressure wash your home at least once a year but are generally more concerned about your Exterior Paint and Yard condition.

You could also be cited for having dirty driveways and sidewalks. You may want to invest in a good pressure washer to keep the wolves at bay.

Will a Pressure Washer Save Me Money?

Not only does keeping the outside of your home clean, but it will also help keep the look and value of your home higher – without paying someone to do it for you.

You could pay for a professional to come out and do the pressure washing.

But this often costs hundreds of dollars, which means purchasing a pressure washer will pay for itself in just one or two cleanings.

Does a Pressure Washer Save Time?

As a homeowner, there will come a time when you need something cleaned off around the house.

To avoid renting someone else’s used and often “abused” equipment, consider the time saver of having one on hand – all the time.


Pressure washers are one of the best power tools you can get for the home.

The benefits are boundless; they keep your home sparkling clean, help prolong your home’s life, and save you tons of money. It has endless possibilities and makes your life a whole heck of a lot easier.

If you are serious about keeping up with your house’s exterior, you have no reason not to get yourself a pressure washer.

I recommend the super-powerful 3200 PSI WPX3200 pressure washer from Westinghouse, which is quickly becoming a best-seller.

Coming in second and runner-up for the best pressure washer under $300 is the Tande 3200

This incredibly powerful, gas-powered 3200 PSI monster pressure washer checks all the boxes. 

Looking for a lot of power at an incredible value – and if you’re on a tighter budget, you can’t beat the value and price of the Sun Joe SPX300.

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