Decluttering Your Home (Room by Room)

How to Declutter Your Entire House - Simple Steps to Declutter Each Room

Are you looking to find some simple steps for Decluttering your Home? Feeling overwhelmed with this task and need a little help on where to start? This article will show you how to declutter your house room-by-room – and efficiently clean and organize each room quickly at the same time.

If you are like most people, your kitchen, bathrooms, and closets are cluttered, and your home feels more cramped than it should. Here’s some great news – with time and energy, you can quickly declutter any room and create clean, functional, and uncluttered living spaces.

Most people are interested in organizing their homes, and fortunately, decluttering rooms can be done in a few short hours if you take it one room at a time.

And as a bonus, when sorting out things you no longer need, you can donate them to a worthy cause or hold a garage sale to pick up a few extra dollars.

Why Should You Declutter Your Home?

  1. Decluttering and organizing your home will help you feel more organized and in control of your surroundings, boosting your morale. 
  2. You will be less likely to accumulate clutter and junk over time, making it easier to find what you are looking for when you need it.
  3. It will make your home feel more spacious and airy.
  4. A clean environment is healthier for you and your family, as it reduces the possibility of allergens and other pollutants.
  5. It will help you to declutter your thoughts and aid you in completing other priorities.
  6. A clean and organized home will save money by not hiring someone else to clean your house.
  7. Decluttering makes your home look more significant, efficient, and appealing for family and guests.
  8.  Finally, decluttering will present your house to potential buyers more favorably if or when you plan to sell the house.

How to Declutter Your Home (One Room at a Time)

Cleaning and Decluttering your home is simply a matter of getting rid of things you don’t need, sorting possessions you want to keep into specific categories, then cleaning the house.  

“To begin decluttering your home, make a  list of rooms needing the most attention. This can include the most used rooms (Kitchen, baths, Bedrooms) or the rooms most visible when visitors arrive:)

Either way, make a checklist in order of your priority, hang it on the fridge, and check off each room after completion!” –

With these decluttering tips, you will quickly clear out the clutter and organize each space in your home with less hassle and stress. Once you declutter your first room, that success will propel you to accomplish the next area that needs your attention.


Let’s start with one of the most used rooms in your house, the Living Room, then move on to complete the other areas in your home that need decluttering – One room at a time;

How to Declutter a “Living Room”

How to Declutter Living Room

Decluttering the living room can be daunting, especially if it’s taken many years to fill with furniture and belongings. Follow these simple steps to get started: 

  1. Start by determining whether you need every piece of furniture in the living room. Remove or set aside unnecessary components (you may need another person to help lift heavy items).
  2. Secondly, assess your current clutter level. Are there excess items on the end tables or coffee tables that you rarely use or need? 
  3. Do your bookshelves contain too many books, regardless of whether or not you ever plan on reading them? Remove books or magazines that you wish to donate or sell.
  4. Do you have too many pieces of wall art? Remember, less is more.  Consider removing 50% of wall art to expose more wall space, making the room appear larger and less crowded.
  5. After determining what needs to go, start sorting the items into three piles: Keep, Donate, or Sell.
  6. Once everything in the Keep pile has been evaluated and determined as necessary for your lifestyle or needs, move these items to a convenient and uncrowded living room area.
  7. Call for pickup or Deliver the Donate pile items, and move Sell items into the garage for a quick sale. To ensure your decluttering works, move these items out of the house as quickly as possible.

How to Declutter a “Kitchen”

How to Declutter Kitchen
Decluttered Kitchen –

Of the many ways to declutter your kitchen, these are the simplest steps that make the quickest and most significant impact:

  1. Start with Decluttering your kitchen cabinets or food pantry. Clear out and dispose of any expired food or unused items, creating more space for things you use every day. 
  2. Reorganize cans of food, bagged food (flour, pasta), and spices to quickly locate what you need before preparing a meal. (Doing this step will also help you discover items you have on hand before preparing meals).
  3. Remove or reorganize Small appliances, cookie jars, or decor based on whether they are needed or used regularly.
  4. Clean all appliances and countertop surfaces. Wipe down all surfaces with a clean rag or sponge, then wipe off any fingerprints with granite or stainless steel cleaner.


How to Declutter a “Bathroom”

declutter bathroom - best home gear.
How To Declutter Bathroom –

Here are four simple steps to help you declutter your bathrooms;

  1. Start by taking a look at the layout of your bathroom. Are all the items in their rightful places? If not, put them where they belong.
  2. Add Wall Hooks To Hang Towels
  3. Add a Free-standing Shelf to store Towels and Tissue.
  4. Remove anything that’s seldom used or outdated (like a hamper). Other items include unused toiletries in cabinets and over-stocked shower caddies and bathtub shelves.
  5. Clean up any clutter or dirt accumulated over time, including under the sink cupboards and around faucets.
  6. Once everything is tidy and clean, it’s time to start organizing! Arrange everyday items by type (shampoo, conditioner, soap) and, where possible, store them out of sight in efficient-sized caddies, baskets, or containers.

How to Declutter a “Bedroom”

How to Declutter Bedroom
Decluttered Bedroom – Best Home Gear

Cleaning and Decluttering Bedrooms is simply a matter of getting rid of things you don’t need – then organizing and sorting your possessions into specific categories.

If you are like most people, your bedrooms are cluttered and full of useless junk. If you want to declutter your Bedroom and make it into a functional space, here are five tips to help you get started.

  1. Start by looking at your Bedroom’s layout and figuring out which areas are more cluttered than others. Simple steps include organizing shelves, clearing off the nightstands, or moving furniture around to create more usable space.
  2. Get rid of anything used sparingly. Materials include; blankets, pillows, wall art, magazines, decorations, or toys.
  3. Get creative with storage solutions. Consider using baskets or shelving units to organize smaller items or adding a hanging rack for larger pieces. The possibilities are endless!
  4. Declutter the furniture as well as the walls and floors. Remove unnecessary pieces, toss blankets and pillows, and clean up the room’s layout to create a more streamlined look.

How to Declutter a “Bedroom Closet”

How to Declutter Bedroom Closet
Decluttered Bedroom Closet –

You can take a few simple steps to declutter and organize your closet, making it cleaner and more manageable.

  1. Sort all clothing into Three categories; everyday work, everyday casual, and Special occasions (like formal wear)
  2. Remove and set aside any garments you don’t often wear from each category, such as skirts, shirts, pants, or jackets. Remember the beneficial rule: “If you haven’t worn it in the last year, you don’t need it.”  
  3. Purchase Small Wicker Baskets to store items such as socks or undergarments.
  4. Donate or Sell (garage sale) any unused clothing you no longer need.

How to Declutter a “Mudroom”

How to Declutter Mudroom - Best Home Gear
Decluttered Mudroom – Best Home Gear

Supposing your Mudroom is full of junk, there is no need to feel embarrassed. A mudroom is a perfect entry space for storing clothing items like coats, scarves, gloves, or boots, But it can also become a “drop-zone” for everything on the way in and out of your home.

You can declutter it in just a few simple steps. Just follow these tips to get started:

  1. Remove clutter that doesn’t belong in the Mudroom from the counters, shelves, or cabinets.
  2. Clear the space on the floor, removing anything that is simply taking up unnecessary space.
  3. Relocate any items that do not need to be in the Mudroom, such as tools, light bulbs, 
  4. Organize the remaining things into categories based on their use or purpose (Hats and gloves in baskets, Dog leashes, Coats or Scarves on hooks, etc.)
  5. Doing so will help you quickly determine which items you need and which can be stored elsewhere in the house or garage. 

How to Declutter a “Foyer”

how to declutter foyer
Decluttered Foyer – Best Home Gear

A foyer is a perfect place to declutter because it’s one of the first areas of your home that guests will see. A well-organized entry sets the tone for the rest of your home. 

Here are some tips on how to declutter a foyer, clear that space,  and better welcome guests to your home:

  1. Start by removing any excess items that are not in use.
  2. Edit the number of pictures or photos displayed to create more visible wall space.
  3. Place an entry rug suitable for catching dirt or debris and can easily be vacuumed.
  4. Install an attractive (but out of the way) wall-mounted Coat Rack or Coat Stand for guests.
  5. Install an attractive Wall Mirror to make the Entry appear larger; add a small console or table for keys or to place things while you or your guests retrieve their coats or jacket.

How to Declutter an “Entryway Closet”

Decluttered Foyer Closet -
Organized Foyer Closet – Best Home Gear

If you have a cluttered entryway closet, it’s time to declutter! Here are five easy steps for cleaning your entryway or foyer closet.

  1. Get rid of any items that are no longer needed or used. Consider donating or selling old jackets, shoes, boots, hats, gloves, or other garments that are no longer used or necessary.
  2. Sort through all of the pieces of clothing and decide which ones will be donated or sold in a garage or yard sale.
  3. Add Extra Coat Hangers for guests.
  4. Empty any baskets or boxes and place only similar items into separate baskets. We recommend using inexpensive plastic mesh baskets, which allow you to see the contents.
  5. Clean all shelves, walls, and floors.

The DIY Declutter Your House “Checklist”

  1. Separate all room materials (including furniture) into (4) Categories:  Keep, Donate, Sell, or Trash.
  2. Clean the Room Your Working In.
  3. Organize and arrange the “Keep” materials in the newly uncrowded room.
  4. Remove the Donated, To be Sold, or Trash materials from the house (even if it’s to get them into your garage:) and then distribute them accordingly.
  5. Add any new Decor Tuches to enhance your newly Decluttered room.
  6. Move on to the next room you want to Declutter.

Before you know it, you will see the transformation you’ve created throughout your home!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do You Start Decluttering Your House?

The best way to begin decluttering your house is with a “checklist.”  You can make your own list or follow one of the abovementioned examples – Under “How to Declutter Your House.”

How do you Get Rid of Junk When Decluttering Your House?

The simplest way to separate your household belongings is to create (4) Four separate Piles (or staging areas);

  • Keep Pile
  • Donate Pile
  • Sell Pile
  • Trash Pile

Once you complete a room, move the items into the Keep Pile (or place them back into the room). Move the Sell pile into the garage (for a garage or yard sale), and the Trash pile, well, goes into the trash…

How Can I Declutter without any Storage?

If you have a small home or apartment or have limited storage, refer to our suggestion above to create staging areas, but tackle only one room at a time.

This slower process may require more frequent trips to the donation outlet or multiple sales on the marketplace, but it will require less storage or staging – and allow you to move cleanly onto the next room.

How Do I Declutter a Hoarder (Stockpiled) House?

Suppose you or perhaps someone you are helping has a home that has suffered from hoarding (difficulty throwing away or parting with possessions because you believe that you need to save them) –  In that case, you can take a slightly different approach to decluttering a home:

  1. Start with having a roll-away dumpster spotted in the driveway. Dumpster rental companies can guide you on renting the proper size and duration it may be needed.
  2. Next, Separate and Dispose of anything you deem to be Trash or “not worthy of saving.”
  3. Third, Call a donation outlet (Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc.) to pick up any items such as furniture, Kitchen items, or other items you prefer to donate vs. sell.
  4. Host a garage or yard sale, and sell any items of value which are no longer needed.
  5. Clean or hire a cleaning company to do a thorough house cleaning inside.



Decluttering a home is one of the best ways to start enjoying your living space more. 

As a bonus, you will gain the added benefits of better organization, less chaotic living, and more pride of ownership – all the while freeing up your mind to focus on the more rewarding aspects of your life, like family and friends.

Note: While some people are “wired” to declutter their home in one day, others will not have the time to devote 8 hours in one day.  

For those folks, be sure to choose a decluttering Day and Time that works for you and dedicate at least one hour to decluttering each area until completed.

We trust our easy-to-follow tips to declutter and clean your home was helpful and inspirational as you seek to declutter your own home – One room at a time!

Thanks for visiting BestHomeGear.Com – Please leave us a comment below, and don’t forget to check out our other DIY articles to get the job done Yourself.

References and Additional Reading:

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