The 6 Best Expandable Hose | Reviews & Buying Guide 2024

The Best Expandable Garden Hose for Homeowners

Are you looking for the Best Expandable & Flexible Garden Hoses in 2024? If so, you’re in the right spot! Due to their preferred ease of use and storage, these kink-free hoses have virtually replaced the traditional rubber garden hose for most homeowners today.

To help you find the best flexible hose for your home and garden, we feature the best flexible and expandable hose models on the market and “why” they deserve to be on the top ten list.

“What is the difference between flexible and expandable hoses?

Expandable hoses are multi-layered latex that expands and contracts when used, and Flexible hoses are (typically) made with rubber core, adjustable stainless steel, and sometimes include a polyester cover to protect teh steel from rust or abrasion”.

And now that it’s time to begin planting grass seeds, end your garden, manicure your lawn, or wash your favorite vehicle, one of these fine flexible hoses will do the job.

Our favorite best flexible hose is the Hydrosteel 100-foot expandable garden hose. It is incredibly durable, shrinks to only 17 feet for easy storage, and is, in our opinion, the Best Flexible (not expandable) hose you can buy. 

There are many garden hoses, some of which don’t stack up very well with the rest. That is why we have compiled a shortlist of the top garden hoses on the market.

After researching 16 flexible hoses from online sellers to home improvement stores and testing, we’ve narrowed down to the six best products to meet your garden hose requirements and your specific budget.

Best Expandable Garden Hoses (for 2024)

Editors Choice: “Hydrosteel” – 100-foot Expandable Hose

HYDROSTEEL PRO 3x Layer 100 Ft Garden Hose with Nozzle, Water Hose 100Ft, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Flexible Metal Garden Hose 100 Ft, Lightweight Garden Hoses, Kink Resistant, 500 PSI AS SEEN ON TV

If you’re wondering what the best flexible hose to buy is, look no further than the Hydrosteel expandable hose. Why? Because of its stainless steel core, it’s considered the most durable expandable hose on the market.

And if you’re like me and enjoy the convenience of using a flexible hose but not the cost of replacing poorly constructed garden hoses – maybe it’s time to move up.

If you need a top-flight expanding hose that can stretch the entire length of your property, then the 100-foot-long Hydrosteel 3-layer garden hose is as good as it gets.


  • Industry-leading 100ft in length means you can use this for small, medium, or large yards.  (Also available as a 50-foot hose)
  • 5/8″ diameter – 304 Stainless steel core/Crush Resistant
  • Includes Garden Sprayer
  • Lightweight and flexibility make watering your yard more accessible than ever.
  • The double latex interior keeps water in the hose and ensures it won’t spring leaks.
  • A money-back guarantee assures you that you’re getting a product from a company that stands by what it produces.
  • Durability is one of this hose’s best characteristics
  • Dependable brass fittings

When researching this hose, we came across many people who love the product, saying the construction quality set this expandable hose apart from cheaper versions.


Undoubtedly, this is one of the best expandable hoses ever made. However, the garden hose does come at a premium price. However, it offers accessories no other manufacturer does, such as the included spray nozzle, hose splitter, and wall hook. 

This 100-foot flexible hose is perfect for large yards and is the best length of the flexible hoses we reviewed. 

The Verdict

To keep the weeds away, you need to keep your lawn healthy, and Hydrosteel will help you do that.

We don’t always need a hose this long; most people may not. But if you need a 100-foot hose, as when using a pressure washer around the perimeter of your house, then the Hydrosteel hose is an excellent choice.

Sure, you’ll pay a little more, but what you get for your money makes this a first-class wash purchase.



Runner Up:  “Pocket Hose Silver Bullet: 100 Ft.  Hose

Pocket Hose Silver Bullet 100 ft Turbo Shot Nozzle Multiple Spray Patterns Expandable Garden Hose 3/4 in Solid Aluminum Fittings Lightweight and No-Kink

A quality garden hose should be durable, dependable, and easy to manage, and wouldn’t you know it – This best-selling expanding hose from Silver Bullet has all three characteristics – and more.

The expandable Pocket Hose – 100-foot flexible hose is a great value and includes a Jet Nozzle.

You’ll love this product if you’re looking for one of the best collapsible garden hoses on the market. It was easy to select this garden hose as our runner-up.


  • Stretches to 100 feet when in use
  • It shrinks down to approximately 33 feet when it’s not in use
  • 30-day money-back guarantee – and a 12-month warranty
  • Withstands 3-12 Bar water pressure
  • 3750D Super Tough Polyester garden hose cover
  • Supreme flexibility – Includes Spray Nozzle
  • Lead-free aluminum fittings – keep the water from leaking and ensure maximum durability
  • Lightweight and portable (easy storage)

Raves about this hose from Pocket Hose. It is one of the best collapsible hoses we’ve ever used. With praise like that, I’m not sure you can afford to miss out on this water hose, especially at 100 feet long. 

Many owners of the expandable garden hose ask whether you can connect two expandable hoses. The resounding answer is Yes, like combining two extension cords to give you that extra reach.

To avoid connecting flexible hoses, you may consider buying a 100ft. garden hose, one for the front yard and one for the back, and then click them for those infrequent times you need 200 ft. of expandable hose!


Like any flexible hose, when not in use, we recommend keeping it out of direct sunlight to avoid harmful UV rays.

This garden hose is one of those “As seen on TV” ads that can make you cringe. However, the Pocket Hose Silver Bullet’s reviews confirm its durability and usefulness are “real.”



FlexZilla  50ft. Expandable Garden Hose

Flexzilla Garden Hose 5/8 in. x 50 ft, Heavy Duty, Lightweight, Drinking Water Safe, ZillaGreen - HFZG550YW-E

Our Best Value pick has to go to Flexzilla, one of the highest-rated flexible hoses on Amazon, for a good reason. The Flexzilla brand equals “great quality” and “all-weather” performance.

Capable of operating in temperatures between -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This lightweight, flexible hose features a unique polymer construction with an abrasion-resistant cover.

Flexzilla hoses include anodized aluminum aircraft fittings and o-rings for leak-proof use.

The Good

  • Flexzilla expanding hose is 50 feet long with solid water pressure and returns in seconds to 17 Feet after the water is shut off.
  • A newly designed expandable water hose will Never tangle, twist, or kink; it is flexible and easy to handle and store.
  • Zero-memory hose – does not fight you when coiling.
  • High-Pressure Resistant Polymer
  • Normal operating -40 to +140 degrees Fahrenheit


Suppose you are considering the purchase price, the Flexzilla 50Ft. Long Expandable Hose is one of the most durable and flexible hoses you can buy for your lawn or garden and use during all weather conditions.



Best 25-Foot Flexible Hose  – Zero-G

zero-G 4001-25 8 Inch by 25 Feet Lightweight, Ultra Flexible, Durable, Kink-Free Garden Hose, 5, 5/8' x 25', Gray

When looking for a 25-foot Flexible (not expandable) garden hose that is top-rated regarding durability, look no further than the ZERO-G Expandable Garden hose. 

After having a few cheaper expandable hoses fail at my house in Michigan, I switched to the ZERO-G hose (100 ft. length). That was five years ago, and I’m still using the same flexible garden hose.

It’s a super high-quality, expandable hose with a 5/8″ diameter for more spray power over a 1/2″ Garden hose.


  • 50% lighter than standard garden hoses.
  • Rated at 600 PSI (Best in Class)
  • Crush-Proof Couplings
  • Ultra-durable – Doesn’t shrink/No interruption in water flow.
  • Kink-free means no more fighting to straighten out the hose
  • 1-year warranty from the date of purchase
  • 30-day risk-free guarantee
  • Heavy-duty Aluminum fittings (drinking water safe)
  • It can withstand high pressures and be connected to a pressure washer.
  • Superior flexibility and unbelievably easy-to-maneuver

Most users have glowing things to say about this hose, with one reviewer saying, “Getting hosed isn’t bad,” people can’t say enough good things about this product.


Unlike most expandable garden hoses, the ZERO-G hose is most notable because it “can be left outside” in direct sunlight for long periods. Again, this is a standard precaution for most garden hoses.

Also, some of the best flexible hoses are now a 4-layer construction, whereas this is a 3-layer hose and perhaps less durable.

The Verdict

It’s nice to find a product with everything you need to use it to its fullest extent. It’s even sweeter when high-quality, so we included the ZERO-G 25-foot hose in the top flexible water hoses list.

But in case you need a longer flexible hose, ZERO-G is available in 50, 75, and 100-foot Lengths.  View all sizes by clicking on the link below.


Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose 50 ft Extra Strength 3/4 Solid Brass Fittings - The Ultimate No-Kink Flex 50 ft Water Hose (Black, 50FT)

Ahh, the Flexi Hose! I’ve seen so many late-night infomercials for this product that I just had to try it for myself (I guess their marketing strategy worked 🙂 At that time, I only needed a 50 ft. hose, and frankly, at under $28.00 this is by far one of the best water hoses I have ever used.

This flexible hose expands and contracts with ease, never kinks, and is so easy to carry that you almost forget it is attached to a water spigot. Here are some of its best features:

The Good

  • It expands to 50 feet and contracts to 17 feet
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Lightweight, portable, and straightforward to use
  • It withstands up to 12 bars of water pressure
  • Leaks are not going to be an issue with this hose – Lifetime Guarantee
  • Manufactured by a company that stands by its product
  • Highly durable brass fittings ensure water doesn’t leak out at the ends of the hose
  • Perfect for smaller yards at 50 ft. length
  • One of the most dependable 50 ft. hoses you can buy

The Flexi Hose is unanimously loved by everybody who uses it. The weight and flexibility of the Flexi Hose make it easy for anybody to use, plus it’s easy to store.


Although this is easily one of the best-expanding hoses on the market, there are still some minor complaints, but maybe not exclusively towards this brand. Such as is, if it does happen to spring a leak, there won’t be enough water pressure for the hose to extend fully.


Again, this garden hose is on the shorter side of the stockings we reviewed, but thankfully Flexi-Hose offers a Thankfully, Flexi-Hose also provides 75, 100, and even 150 ft. flexible hose options. 

The Verdict

Flexi Hose is one of the best companies for garden hoses, and I love how steadfast they are in their products. It’s easy to use and store and seemingly lasts forever.

Flexi-Hose has a lifetime replacement guarantee, and they stand by that guarantee! If you’re looking for an inexpensive 50-foot hose that will last forever, then you’re looking for the Flexi Hose.



Best Value 50-Foot Hose:   The “Riemex” 50 ft. Hose 

Riemex Hose 50 FT Black [New 2022] Heavy Duty Garden Water Hose - Solid Brass Metal Fittings Connectors, Strongest - for All Watering Needs (50 FT, Black)

Sometimes, you only need 50 feet of garden hose. When that’s the case, choose the Riemex expandable hose that shrinks to only eight ft. and makes it near the top of our list. Here are my favorite aspects of it.


  • A high-pressure 50 ft. (expanded length) hose creates intense water pressure.
  • Triple Latex Durable Hose material
  • Returns to 16ft. length when off
  • Strong brass fittings for added durability
  • The triple-latex core is almost impervious to leaks
  • It easily expands and quickly shrinks back down to its original size

Many gardeners prefer this hose as it is perfect for a small patio or garden. I’m not sure if this is just a coincidence or if that’s what it was designed for, but it does indicate that the hose is great for maneuvering around plants.


Riemex also touts one of the best customer service support teams. While this hose is only 50 feet long, Riemex also offers 75 and 100-foot lengths for use on large grass lawns.

The Verdict

The Riemex hose is one of the most durable flexible hoses on the market today, and the water pressure it produces is phenomenal. 



Buyers Guide:  Expandable Water Hose:

Expandable water hoses have become a hit with homeowners. They are easy to carry, expand, and contract, making them very easy to store. However, this impressive innovation doesn’t come without a couple of downsides.

You’ll often hear people maligning this type of water hose, saying it isn’t durable enough or leaks too quickly. That is because you can’t treat them like an industrial hose; the material allows it to expand and contract, requiring you to take extra precautions with this type of garden hose.

It would help if you never left these out in the Sun; don’t have them in frigid temperatures. Be careful when dragging it on rough surfaces, and don’t use it until the hose is fully expanded.

If you follow these rules, keep the hose’s exterior clean, and ensure the garden hose you purchase is made with high-quality material, you can use it for years.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s the Difference between Flexible and Expandable Garden Hoses?

A Flexible garden hose typically has a flexible steel shell and a rubber hose liner. In contrast, an Expandable garden hose is a multi-layer latex hose that expands and contracts upon use.

What is the Best Flexible Hose to Buy?

The Top-Rated Flexible Garden Hose is the Hydrosteel Heavy Duty Steel Hose.  Hydrosteel hose includes a rubber core, a stainless steel flexible core, and a heavy-duty polyester shell to protect it from rust and abrasion.

Can You Leave Expandable Hoses Outside?

While expandable hoses are designed for use outside, it is well-advised to keep them covered in a bucket, barrel, or ceramic pot, away from sunlight when not in use. The reason is that UV rays from Sunlight will eventually deteriorate the outer cover on an expandable garden hose.


The best expandable hose is one of my all-time favorite innovations (that isn’t electronic). Sure, they require you to baby them more than you would have to with your run-of-the-mill garden hose, but they are worth it.

You can now eliminate that rusty eye-sore of a hose reel attached to your house. I cherish getting around the yard easily, and the best collapsible hose options offer that for me. Not to mention they are super easy to store.

Many folks drop their expandable hose into a decorative ceramic pot next to the faucet, and that’s it. You will not have to wind your old garden hose up again!

If you’re looking for a new hose, I recommend getting an expandable one. If you’re still unsure what to get, try our pick for the editor’s choice. 

If you’re looking for a smaller hose that expands to only 25 ft., check out the collapsible hose from Fit-Life or the 50ft. expandable garden hose from Kareeme.  

Thanks for visiting BestHomeGear.Com, and the best success with your Expandable Hose selection!

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