What Is PEVA?

What is PEVA Material, And Is PEVA Safe To Use?

This guide answers the questions – What is PEVA, What is PEVA made of, and Is PEVA safe for use in the household goods we use? 

The acronym “PEVA” stands for polyethylene vinyl acetate. It is a non-chlorinated vinyl material often used as a substitute for PVC.

PEVA vinyl is considered to be safer, healthier, and more eco-friendly than PVC materials, as PEVA contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)*

What Typical Household Goods Are Made from PEVA?

These are the Most Common Products made from PEVA:

  • Shower curtains
  • Tablecloths
  • Shoes
  • Cosmetic bags
  • Plastic table coverings
  • Toys
  • Car and motorcycle covers

How does PEVA differ from PVC?

*PVC or “Poly Vinyl Chloride” is a VOC or “Volatile organic compound.” (VOC) chemicals easily evaporate into the air and are found in various products, including paints, cleaning supplies, furniture, and personal care products. However, According to the EPA – VOCs can harm human health, and exposure to them can cause various health problems.

PEVA Material Contains No VOCs and is widely considered safe for human contact. PEVA is a flexible and water-resistant material often used to make shower curtains, tablecloths, and other household items. It is also used in some clothing and footwear.

What is PEVA
Is PEVA Safe for Human Contact? Besthomegear.com

What is the Benefit of PEVA?

  • It is non-toxic and safe for the environment.
  • It is flexible and water-resistant.
  • It is durable and easy to clean.
  • It is relatively inexpensive.

What Are the Drawbacks of PEVA:

  • It can be susceptible to tearing.
  • It may not be as strong as PVC.
  • It can be less breathable than some other materials.

Overall, PEVA is a safe and versatile material that is a good alternative to PVC. It is a good choice for products that need to be water-resistant and easy to clean.

peva tablecloth
PEVA material tablecloth – besthomegear.com

How Can You Tell If a Product Contains PEVA or PVC?

Most manufacturers will advertise that their products contain PEVA, as it is an acceptable alternative to PVC.  However, if you’re buying a vinyl shower curtain and the label does not identify PEVA on the tag, you should discard that product and find one that does.

The vinyl in this product may contain PVC, a VOC material that is less costly and less safe to use.

Are PEVA Shower Curtains Safe?

Is a PEVA shower curtain Safe?
Are PEVA shower curtains safe? besthomegear.com

PEVA is a type of Vinyl Shower curtain made from Polyvinyl acetate. Most vinyl shower curtains are made from PEVA, which is considered a safe alternative to PVC.

Are PEVA Shower Curtains Safer than PVC Shower Curtains?

The short answer is “YES.”  Shower curtains made from 100% PEVA do not contain Chloride, the gas-emitting toxin found in PVC.

The long answer is that while PEVA vinyl curtains contain NO Chloride, there is little known about the other ingredients in PEVA. However, according to EWG.ORG’s testing, PEVA material is considered a “low area of concern” for health risks.

Are PEVA materials Safe for Babies?

Non-toxic toys-for-babies-besthomegear.com
Non-Toxic Toys for Babies and Toddlers – Courtesy: thegentlenursery.com

PEVA is considered safe for human use. However, as mentioned earlier, many unknowns exist about its long-term effect on humans, much less babies, who are more sensitive and susceptible to toxic materials.


While PEVA is safer than PVC, limiting a baby’s exposure to PEVA products may be a wiser choice.  Cloth, Linen, or Polyester might be safer shower curtain alternatives.

Is PEVA a Recyclable Product?

PEVA contains “Acetate,” an organic compound; therefore, PEVA is considered a Recyclable material.

Are PEVA Shower Curtains Safer than PVC Shower Curtains?

The short answer is “YES.”  Shower curtains made from 100% PEVA do not contain Chloride, the gas-emitting toxin found in PVC.

The long answer is that while PEVA vinyl curtains contain NO Chloride, there is little known about the other ingredients in PEVA. However, according to EWG.ORG’s testing, PEVA material is considered a “low area of concern” for health risks.

What are “Alternatives to PEVA Shower Curtains”

PEVA shower curtains are a type of shower curtain that is made from polyethylene vinyl acetate. PEVA is a synthetic material similar to PVC, but it is considered more environmentally friendly and less likely to off-gas harmful VOCs.

PEVA vinyl shower curtains are also typically more lightweight and wrinkle-resistant than others.

Polyester: Polyester shower curtains are a good option for those who want a durable and easy-care curtain. They are typically machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant.

polyester curtains without peva
Polyester Shower Curtain – besthomegear.com

Cotton: Cotton shower curtains are a natural and breathable option. They are typically more absorbent than other materials, so they may be a good choice if you have hard water.

cotton shower curtain without peva
Cotton Shower Curtain – Besthomegear.com

Linen: Linen shower curtains are a luxurious and stylish option. They are typically more expensive than other materials but are durable and long-lasting.

linen shower curtains without peva

What is the Best Type of Shower Curtain To Buy?

When choosing a shower curtain, it is important to consider your needs and preferences. A Polyester shower curtain is the best overall if you are looking for an economical, durable, and easy-care curtain.

Cotton is a good choice if you want a natural and breathable curtain.

Linen is a good option if you want a luxurious and stylish curtain. And if you are looking for a waterproof curtain, vinyl is considered the best option.

TIP:  It is also important to consider the size of your shower when choosing a shower curtain.

You will need to ensure that the curtain is long enough to reach below the top lip of your shower or tub and wide enough to cover the width of your shower. You may also consider getting a shower curtain liner to protect your walls and floor from water damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is PEVA made of?

PEVA Is a type of plastic material made from polyethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), a non-chlorinated product used in many home products.

What is PEVA material found In?

PEVA is polyvinyl acetate (chloride-free) and is a safe alternative to PVC. PEVA is used in common household products such as vinyl tablecloths, shower curtains, toys, bibs, and mattress covers.


Commonly used in food-grade storage bags (Ziploc, etc.), PEVA is BPA-Free, eco-friendly, and recyclable.


While PEVA is a much-improved alternative to PVC, which contains Volatile Organic Compounds, PEVA may not be everyone’s first material choice.

Fortunately, many manufacturers offer Natural or more environmentally material choices for their products.

check clothing label for PEVA
Checking Contents of Clothing Material – Besthomegear.com

We highly encourage you to look at the Material Content label for any products when considering products that will come in contact with your home environment.  If the clothing label says it contains PEVA or polyvinyl acetate, polyester, linen, or cotton, that material is considered safe for use.

If, however, the label identifies its content containing PVC – It is not considered safe.

We hope this short guide has helped you better understand the safety of PEVA-made materials.

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