The Best Multi-Bit Screwdriver (Reviews For 2024)

The Best Multi-Bit Screwdrivers You Can Own

If you’re looking for the Best Multi-Bit Screwdriver in 2024, you’re in the right place. If you haven’t tried one before, an all-purpose ratchet screwdriver with multiple heads may be one of the best tools you will ever own.

And while Multi-tool screwdrivers from Klein, Milwaukee, and other respected names have become the all-in-one solution for homeowners and contractors, which multi-bit screwdriver is the best one to buy?

These multi-screwdriver reviews will show you the pros and cons of the best multi-bit screwdriver brands and help you decide which model best suits your needs and budget.

What is a Multi-Bit Screwdriver?

Multi-bit (or ratchet screwdrivers) contain multiple bits or sockets stored in the tool’s handle. Top-rated multi-bit screwdrivers include 10-15 bits or drivers, perfect for homeowner and contractor use, vs. carrying multiple screwdrivers.

Best Features For Multi-Bit Screwdrivers:

We have compiled the essential features you should consider when buying the best all-in-one screwdriver, but the best tool will meet your budget, work needs, and the type of driver bits you will use most often.

5 Best Features to look for in Multi-Bit Screwdrivers

  • Onboard Storage Capacity (Number of Bits)
  • Durable Ratchet Mechanism
  • Reputable Tool Brands
  • Easy To Change Direction (Forward or Reverse)
  • Comfortable Torque Grip

The 8 Best Multi-Bit Screwdrivers: 

  1. Klein:  32305 – 15-Bit Screwdriver 
  2. Klein:  32500 MAG – 11-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver (Magnetic Tip)
  3. WorkPro:  Best Value Multi-Bit Screwdriver
  4. Milwaukee Ratcheting Screwdriver: Best Premium Brand 
  5. Klein:  Best Multi-Bit Screwdriver Combo Set 
  6. Makita:  Best Large Multi-Bit 47 Piece Set
  7. MegPro:  Model 251 – Best Small Precision Multi-Bit Screwdriver
  8. Klein 32561:  “Stubby” Multi-Bit Screwdriver


Editor’s Choice:  Klein 32305 15-in-1 Tool

Klein Tools 32305 Multi-bit Ratcheting Screwdriver, 15-in-1 Tool with Phillips, Slotted, Square, Torx and Combo Bits and 1/4-Inch Nut Driver

Why We Like It

The 15-in-1 tool from Klein is our choice as the top-rated multi-bit screwdriver. The Klein multi-bit screwdriver offers many features that make it perfect for home or job use.

Typical multi-bit drivers offer 10 or 11 bits, but the Klein 32305 tool includes 15 onboard bits, including Phillips, slotted, torx, square, combo bits, and a 1/4″ nut driver.

Klein is one of the most respected hand tools and offers it for under $25, making it the perfect gift for anyone in your life who is looking for that one tool to make work easier.


  • 14 Bits + 1 Nut Driver
  • Industrial strength bits
  • Onboard storage (in handle)
  • The collar sets the direction of the drive (forward or reverse)
  • Cushion Grip
  • High Torque handle

Multi-Bit 15-Bit Video: From Klein Tools:

Our Take Away

Among the 10 Multi-Bit Screwdrivers we reviewed, the Kline 15-bit Multi-Bit stands out as the best multi-bit (non-magnetic) screwdriver you can own.

American-made Kline Tools have been recognized as one of the top hand tool companies in the world since 1857.

The Klein 32305 Screwdriver includes 14 bits and 1 Nut driver, all made with industrial-grade materials, and Klein’s ratcheting mechanism is the most straightforward and dependable model we tested. 



Runner Up:  Klein 32500 “Magnetic Tip” – 11-in-1 Screwdriver

Klein Tools 32500MAG Magnetic Multi-Bit Screwdriver / Nut Driver, 11-in-1 Multi Tool with 8 Bits, 3 Nut Driver Sizes, Cushion Grip Handle

Why We Like It

Sliding into second place on our reviews is another multi-bit screwdriver from Klein, which offers all the same features as our Editors Choice tool, but this one has a magnetic tip and carries 11 bits instead of 15.

Also note:  The 32500MAG is Not a ratcheting screwdriver like our Editors Choice model.

If you favor a magnetic tip screwdriver – the Kline 32500 MAG is the perfect tool for removing screws in tight places (perfect for auto mechanics), as loose bolts or screws stay attached to the screwdriver’s magnetic tip.

And while the Klein 32500 MAG screwdriver has only 11 bits or drivers, it includes the most popular accessories you’ll use in a screwdriver.


  • 8 Bits + 3 Nut Drivers
  • 11 Industrial strength accessories
  • Onboard storage (in handle)
  • The collar sets the direction of the drive (forward or reverse)
  • Cushion Grip
  • High Torque handle
best multi bit screwdriver to buy - best home gear
Klein 32500 MAG: Multi-Bit Screwdriver –

Our Take Away

Klein offers multiple types of multi-bit screwdrivers, but the Klein 32500 MAG, made by perhaps the best hand tool company in the world, is one of the most practical magnetic multi-tip screwdrivers you can own.



Best Value:  WorkPro 12-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver

WORKPRO 12-in-1 Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver Set, Quick-load Mechanism Screwdriver with Double End Bits in Handle

Why We Like It

The WorkPro 12-in-1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver won our praise as we tested this tool’s excellent quality, features, and overall value (price) – as the best multi-bit screwdriver for DIY projects.

Like our two previous multi-bit screwdrivers, the WorkPro 12 driver offers onboard bits, a sturdy ball-bearing ratcheting handle, and clever and accessible storage for bits.


  • 6-Double Tip Screwdriver Bits (Phillips, Slot, Torx)
  • Quick-Load
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Ball Bearing Ratcheting
  • Easy Switch Driver direction (forward/reverse)

Our Take Away

While the WorkPro name is not widely known, it offers an excellent alternative multi-bit screwdriver for those looking to spend a little less or a great gift for under $20.



Best Upgrade – Milwaukee 48-22-2302 Ratcheting Screwdriver

Milwaukee 48-22-2302 Multi Bit Ratcheting

Why We Like It

At less than $25, the 12-bit Ratcheting Screwdriver from Milwaukee is a “Go-To” multi-bit screwdriver for many professionals.

We found the handle comfortably oversized, offering excellent torque and a magnetic tip that checks the box for working in tight spots.  

Milwaukee goes further and includes an onboard line stripper and loop makerand for anyone who does electrical work – this might be a favorite feature.


  • 10 Bit Options
  • 3 1/2″ Bit Drivers – Better Reach
  • Bits are Compatible with Power Drills
  • 2X Driving Speed
  • Heavy Duty Ratchet Construction
  • Magnetic Bit Retention
  • Top Rated Tool Brand (Milwaukee)


Our Take Away

This 10-1 Multi-Bit Ratchet Screwdriver from Milwaukee offers fewer bit options than other brands.

Still, the type offered is the most popular, and the construction quality of this tool is second to none, making it an obvious choice for our Best Upgrade category.

In addition, the 3 1/2″ length of this 12-bit screwdriver kit should not be overlooked, as these screwdriver bits are 100% compatible with any power drill.

MILWAUKEE -12 Bit Screwdriver



Best “Stubby” Multi-Bit Screwdriver:  

Klein Tools 32561 Multi-Bit Screwdriver / Nut Driver, 6-in-1 Stubby Screwdriver with 2 Phillips, 2 Slotted Bits, 2 Nut Drivers

Why We Like It

For those tight spots where a standard-length screwdriver is too long, the “stubby” model multi-bit screwdriver comes to the rescue.

At 3″ vs. the 11″ of a standard screwdriver, the Klein 32561 stubby multi-bit screwdriver features all the quality and dependability people expect from the Klein brand.


3 – Double Tip Bits (Two each: Phillips, Flat, Nut Drivers)

  • Quick-Load
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Non-Ratcheting
  • Non-Magnetic Tip
  • Easy Switch Driver direction (forward/reverse)

Our Take Away

The Klein brand name is a slam dunk for quality, and this little all-in-one stubby screwdriver is no exception, offering a shorter alternative as a multi-bit screwdriver and for those looking to buy a great gift for under $12.



Best Multi-Bit Combo Set”:  Klein 4-Piece Bit and Driver Set

Klein Tools 80019 Tool Set, Multi-Bit Screwdriver and Nut Driver Tool Kit, 28 Different Industrial Strength Bits and Sizes, 4-Piece

Why We Like It

For those looking for the ultimate in Hand-Held and self-contained Multi-Bit screwdriver sets, the Klein 80019 – 4 Piece Multi-Bit Screwdervir set is a great choice.

This set includes our Runner-Up 11-bit tool, a 6-1 bit “Stubby” version of the same tool, a 4-1 bit electrical detail screwdriver, and finally, a 7-1 Nut Driver.

We recommend this set for anyone who does a lot of onsite repair work and wants to avoid carrying multiple screwdrivers or nut drivers in their tool belt.


  • 4 Separate Tools (3 Multi-Bit Screwdrivers + 1 – Nut Driver
  • Non-Ratcheting design
  • 28 Industrial Strength Bits
  • Square, Flat, Phillips, Torx, Swivel bits

Our Take Away

If you favor multiple multi-bit drivers and can live without a ratcheting screwdriver feature, the Klein 4-piece combo kit offers the best of those worlds.

KLEIN – 4 Piece Combo Multi-Bit Screwdriver Set



Best Large Multi-Bit Screwdriver Kit:  Makita B-50289 47-Piece Kit

Makita B-50289 47 Pc. Ratchet and Bit Set

Why We Like It

Some homeowners or contractors may prefer more choice in driver bits over the portability of carrying just one multi-bit screwdriver.

For them, the 47-piece multi-bit kit from Makita is our top choice of a complete set, including bits, drivers, and sockets – all for use with a “ratcheting screwdriver.”

The compact but sturdy case includes every choice you could need in Philips, Flat, Torx, or Sockets – all compatible with the Makita ratchet driver tool.


  • Self-contained multi-bit set in a compact carrying case
  • Includes Phillips, Torx, Slotted, Hex, Square Bits, and Sockets
  • Includes (11) Phillips bits ranging from (PH0 – PH3)
  • Includes (8) Torx bits from (T10 – T40)
  • Includes (4) Slotted bits between (SL6-8 – SL10-12)

Our Take Away

For homeowners with adequate storage for tools or a workbench, the Makita 47-piece set is very convenient and can be a space-saver.

For instance, instead of displaying multiple screwdrivers, torx bits, or socket Sets in your work area, you can keep the Makita compact set at your fingertips.

Makita packs just about everything into a single package and, in my opinion, does it at a very hard-to-beat price from a top-rated brand.

MAKITA – 47 Piece Multi-Bit Screwdriver Set


Best “Precision” Multi-Bit Screwdriver:  Megapro 251: 24-1 Precision Screwdriver

Megapro Precision Screwdriver Set - 24-in-1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver w/Hex Shaft for Phillips, Pentalobe, Flat, Torx, Spanner - Precision Bit Set w/Retractable Cartridge - Electronics Screwdriver Set

Why We Like It

A small multi-bit screwdriver is better for those working on more delicate equipment, like eyeglasses, technology, jewelry, or electronic games like XBOX.

The Megapro 251 meets that challenge with 24 different precision bits, raised rubber grips for a better hold, retractable bit storage, and a palm-saver tip.


  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Lightweight – Easy to Carry
  • 24 Laser Engraved Bits
  • Slim Profile
  • Rubber Grip

Our Takeaway

While we don’t recommend the Megapro 251 for everyday DIY home repair or job site conditions, the small-sized Megapro multi-bit screwdriver offers similar functions for smaller fasteners, requiring less torque and more finesse.

MEGAPRO – Best Small Multi-Bit Screwdriver



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of bits come with an all-in-one screwdriver?

Multi-bit (or all-in-one) screwdrivers typically include Phillips, Flat, and Torx bits stored inside the handle.

What is the best brand of multi-bit screwdrivers?

Our tests showed that Klein, Milwaukee, and Makita are the best multi-bit screwdriver brands to purchase.

How many bits does a multi-bit screwdriver hold?

A multi-bit screwdriver typically holds between 10 and 12 bits, although many brands feature models that carry up to 24 different onboard bits.

What is a Multi-Bit Screwdriver Used For?

Multi-bit screwdrivers are used for the same every day that standard screwdrivers are used for.

The difference, however, is that a multi-bit screwdriver holds multiple bits, including Phillips, Flat, and Torx bits, which allows you to carry one screwdriver instead of several.

Who makes the Best Small Multi-Bit Screwdriver?

The best small multi-bit screwdrivers include the Precision type, Megapro 251 with 24 Bits, and the Klein 32614 Mini Multi-bit heavier-duty screwdriver with 4-1 functions.


Anytime I can lighten my load and carry one tool vs. multiple tools to do the same task – it’s a Big Win. 

The Multi-Bit is one of those tools, and if you haven’t tried one, now would be an excellent time to spring the $20 and buy one – or better yet – put your favorite multi-bit screwdriver on your birthday or holiday wish list.

Multi-bit drivers have been around for decades, and as many homeowners and contractors will agree – this is one the best tools in their toolbox. Get one soon, and you’ll be glad you did.

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